Answer: Every time someone calls 9-1-1 for a medical situation, our dispatchers send a fire “First Responder” unit to the scene to assess the situation. Often times, the first responders are closer and can arrive sooner to provide treatment. All ambulances, as do most fire units in Kitsap County, have paramedics on them to provide treatment for injuries and medical conditions.

Answer: Dispatchers may need to put you on hold if you do not have an “in progress emergency. When dispatchers take “in progress” calls such as medical, (especially cardiac arrest, choking and childbirth), armed robberies and fires, they may need to put you on hold so they can take care of priority situations. That doesn’t mean your call is not important, but some calls take priority over non emergency calls not in progress, so responding units can get there quickly.

Answer: There are no after hours 24/7 non-emergency phone numbers for fire, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and police. If you have a concern about anything that is “in progress,” call 9-1-1, state the problem, the location, and a description of subjects or vehicles. We can always refer you to other agencies if we determine it is not an “in progress” emergency. Even a 5 minute delay can make the difference whether police can find the bad guy. Don’t delay; call right away!!!