Situations when you SHOULD call 911

•Crimes in progress
•Life threatening situations
•Motor vehicle accidents with personal injury or major damage
•Injuries requiring emergency medical attention
•Mental or physical illness requiring emergency medical response
•Hazardous chemical spills
•Smoke detector or carbon monoxide detectors sounding
•Sparking electrical hazards
•Smoke in a building
•Suspicious activity
•Natural gas leaks
•Dangerous / Threatening Animals Any other EMERGENCY situation

Situations when you SHOULD NOT call 911

•You lose power or telephone service
•Finding a vehicle you know has been impounded
•Questions about traffic tickets, call the issuing agency
•Inquiring about school openings, call the school directly
•To get the time of day, call 692-8183, ext. 1234
•Power outages, call 1-888-225-5773
•Cable TV outages, call your cable TV provider
•Telephone outages, call your telephone company
•Requests for transcripts of 911 calls, call 307-5800
•Water problems — outages or discolorations — call your water company during regular business hours. After regular business hours, call 911.