In July 2015 the CENCOM Board decided to bring our leadership under a single organization so that
Kitsap 911 is more responsive to the changing needs and demographics in our region, more effective at managing our resources, more nimble (increasing our ability to quickly solve problems and take advantage of opportunities, and more transparent (making our plans and decisions more visible). Since that time CENCOM has been working through a transition plan to move from Kitsap County Central Communication, a department of Kitsap County, to Kitsap 911, Public Authority. Kitsap 911 Public Authority began operations on 12/26/2016.

Kitsap 911 is governed by the Board of Directors which is made up of the same elected officials that served on the CENCOM policy board. The three county commissioners and the sheriff, the mayors of Bainbridge Island, Bremerton, Port Orchard, and Poulsbo, three fire commissioners, and two Bremerton City Council members. The Board meets at least once per quarter. The meeting schedule may be located on our website at:

Kitsap 911 Board of Directors appoint the Kitsap 911 Executive Committee to exercise certain, limited authority and make such decisions that are necessary to ensure the efficient operation of Kitsap 911. However, the Board shall retain final decision making authority for matters concerning the following:

  • The annual Kitsap 911 Operations budget and funding, cost share distributions, the Enhanced 911 Tax Revenue Fund and Five Year Expenditure Plan, and the accumulated Kitsap 911 Capital Reserve Fund;
  • Amendments to these Bylaws;
  • Strategic Plan Adoption;
  • Appointment of the Kitsap 911 Executive Director;
  • Any other matter of major importance.

The Kitsap 911 Executive Committee is comprised of five Board members and the Chair and Vice-Chair of Strategic Advisory Board as non-voting members. This committee meets twice per month. The Executive Committee makes recommendations to the Board on matters reserved for Board action. The Executive Committee has limited authority, as provided by the Board, to make decisions as are necessary to ensure the efficient operation of Kitsap 911. These actions may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Providing direction to and managing the performance of the Executive Director;
  • Authorizing budget amendments, including expenditures from the reserves;
  • Providing advice and recommendations to the Executive Director regarding labor agreements, staffing, or personnel issues;
  • Providing recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners regarding excise tax levels and other such matters.

Draft Executive Committee meeting minutes will be distributed to the Board and any action taken by the Executive Committee is reported to the Board, at the Board’s next regularly scheduled meeting, or at any special meeting convened for that purpose, and incorporated into the minutes thereof.

The Strategic Advisory Board is composed of police and fire chiefs of Kitsap 911 participating agencies. This board provides advice and input to the Kitsap 911 Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and the Executive Director on topics that may include:

  • Significant administrative issues and policies, staffing and service levels, and funding.
  • Budget proposals, operational procedures, and other matters related to day-to-day operations;
  • Any other duties delegated by the Board or Executive Committee.
Val Tollefson
Bainbridge Island Mayor
Becky Erickson
Poulsbo Mayor
Bob Muhleman
Fire Commissioner
Charlotte Garrido
Kitsap County
Dave Ellingson
Fire Commissioner
CPB Chair
Executive Committee
Dusty Wiley
Fire Commissioner
Executive Committee
Edward Wolfe
Kitsap County
Gary Simpson
Kitsap County
Greg Wheeler
Bremerton City
Jerry McDonald
Bremerton City
Council Member
Patty Lent
Bremerton Mayor
Executive Committee
Robert Gelder
Kitsap County
Rob Putaansuu
Port Orchard Mayor
Executive Committee

For additional information on Cencom’s Governance please see the Interlocal Agreement, and the amendement concerning the creation of the Executive Committee below: