How to Contact 911 in Kitsap County

  • If you are reporting an emergency or need a police, fire, or emergency medical response and you calling from within Kitsap County, please call 911.

  • If you need to reach the dispatch floor and you are not reporting an emergency and do not need a police, fire, or emergency medical response, you can call (360) 308-5400.

  • Most of the time, even if there is a telephone service disruption, you should be able to use a different type of phone to reach us by dialing 911. For example if you have a CenturyLink landline phone that is not working, you may be able to call 911 with your cell phone. You should also be able to text 911.

  • If there is a service interruption and you are not able to reach 911 or if you are outside of Kitsap County but reporting an emergency in our area the best number to call is (360) 307-5844