Management and Staff

Kitsap911′s 76 employees (including full time, regular part time, extra help, and contract staff) are divided into three divisions.

1. The Kitsap911 Admin division, led by Office Supervisor Stephanie Browning maintains CENCOM’s records, handles public disclosure requests, pays CENCOM bills, and processes CENCOM receivables.

2. The Technical Systems Group, led by Paul Cocus, performs troubleshooting, configuration, and routine maintenance of CENCOM’s technical systems including our 911 and office phone systems, logging recorder, radio system, tower sites, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and other computer systems.

3. CENCOM’s largest division, Operations. The employees in this division include 911 Call Receivers (PCR). Emergency Telecommunicators (ET aka Dispatchers). Assistant Supervisors, and Shift Supervisors.