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Request For Qualifications – Compensation Study

All submittals must be received by March 22, 2022 at 4:30 PM PST. Submittals will be reviewed and evaluated as they are received.


Kitsap 911 is soliciting proposals from qualified individuals or firms with expertise conducting compensation studies for both Government and Private Sector employers.


Kitsap 911 is a consolidated public safety answering point (PSAP) providing 911, dispatch, and technology services for law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical service (EMS), serving Kitsap County, Washington. Our mission is to provide exceptional public safety emergency communications services every day. Kitsap 911 is governed by a 13-member Board of Directors of elected officials representing our community.

Scope of Work

Kitsap 911 is seeking a consultant to conduct a compensation study to review our compensation philosophy, wage structure, benefit package, and to make recommendations based on the 911 industry as well as the broader job market, including private sector.

Kitsap 911 has three groups of employees, including the Administrative Group, Technical Services Group, and the Operations Group, with the following job classifications:

Administrative Group:

Executive Director – 1
Deputy Director – 1
Assistant Director of Operations – 1
Finance Manager – 1
Human Resources Manager – 1
Administrative Specialist – 2

Technical Services Group:

Technology Services Manager – 1
Public Safety Systems Engineer – 4
Public Safety Systems Analyst- GIS – 1
Public Safety Master Technician – 2
Public Safety Systems Technician – 3

Operations Group:

Professional Standards Program Manager – 1
Communications Supervisor – 5
Assistant Communications Supervisor – 6
Public Safety Telecommunicator II – 37
Public Safety Telecommunicator I – 12

Kitsap 911 Representatives

Rachael Taylor, HR Manager, 360-307-5821,

Stephanie Browning, Administrative Specialist, 360-307-5801,

Selection Criteria

Submittals will be evaluated and ranked based on the following:

  1. Professional Qualifications: Technical expertise and competence in compensation analysis, labor relations, and Human Resources, including education and years of experience of individuals who will be assigned to these projects.
  2. Key personnel experience, accuracy, availability and demonstrated ability to work together.
  3. Firm’s experience working with both government and private employers and in completing the work on schedule. Experience working with employers in Washington State and with 911 agencies is desired but not required.
  4. The firm’s ability to undertake the work immediately and dedicate the necessary personnel and resources to meet the anticipated work schedule.
  5. Past performance/references in meeting client objectives on schedule and within budget.

Selection Process

The anticipated selection process is as follows:

  1. A panel will review the qualifications submitted.
  2. The panel may request additional information from one or all Consultants.
  3. Interviews may be scheduled with one or more Consultants.
  4. The selected Consultant will be invited to enter into contract negotiations with Kitsap 911.
  5. Should Kitsap 911 and the selected firm (s) not reach a mutual agreement, Kitsap 911 will terminate negotiations and move to the next qualified firm and proceed with negotiations.

Submittal Content

Interested firms are requested to submit qualifications and experience in the conduct of similar work as per the selection criteria. Submittals should be delivered electronically as either a PDF or word document without macros. Submittals may be emailed as an attachment or series of emails with attachments (under 150Mb per email). Submittals must be sent to

Alternative methods of delivering your submittal including use of file sharing services or thumb drive delivery may be acceptable by special arrangement. Contact Stephanie Browning at 360-307-5801 or

All submittals must be received by March 22, 2022 at 4:30 PM PST. Submittals will be reviewed and evaluated as they are received.

As a minimum, the submission shall include:

  1. A written expression of interest and availability of the proposed Project Team and its key personnel.
  2. Firm name, phone, and fax numbers.
  3. Name, Contact information, and detailed resumes for the individuals proposed for the project team, including individual team member’s relevant experience.
  4. A brief description and estimated timeline of how the firm proposes to complete the project.
  5. A list and description of at least three private sector and three government clients for whom the firm has completed comparable work during the last five years. A contact name, a recent telephone number and brief description of the comparable work. Only projects completed by members of the project team will be considered