One of our core values at Kitsap 911 is diversity and inclusion:

“We value our community’s diversity and work to reflect and respect that diversity in our staff and in the delivery of our services.”

As an agency we are focused on continuous improvement, the ethical delivery of our services, and following established best practices for our profession.

We will continue to engage with our Board of Directors, Chiefs, Accrediting agency, professional associations, our community and each other to find ways to improve and to help foster a culture of empathy, understanding, and inclusion.

Click here to see the open letter to our community from our local elected officials, many of whom serve on the Kitsap 911 Board of Directors:

Click here to see a letter to our community from our local police chiefs and Sheriff:

Kitsap 911 is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. The following is an excerpted statement by the Commission’s Executive Director and Chair:
“During periods of social concern about the delivery of ethical law enforcement services, it is important that we remain anchored to a core principle associated with the accreditation process – Standards Build Trust. Those that understand the objective and functionality of accreditation recognize the standards serve to address many of the issues that are currently being noted as negatively impacting the profession. This includes subjects ranging from the selection of personnel to the application of force during arrest procedures.
To that end, you can be assured CALEA® will continuously review information related to best practices for the delivery of law enforcement services and will make sound standards-related decisions in support of the mission, purpose and values of agencies participating in accreditation programming, as well as their staff and the communities served. This should be interpreted as Standards are ACTION and are tools for continuous organizational improvement, progressiveness, accountability and adherence to the constitutionally protected rights of those served.

Additionally, CALEA® is working closely with federal and state officials, other professional associations, and significant business contacts to directly influence legislative initiatives associated with recent events impacting our constituents. Our efforts are stressing the value of accreditation within public safety, and the professional excellence achieved by those applying its tenets.”

Visit to view the full statement or for more information about Public Safety Communications Accreditation.

Click here to see our full mission, ethics, values and vision statements: